Portfolio 2013

Sangyoon (James) Lee

PhD in Computer Science, MFA in Electronic Visualization
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL 60607, USA
e-mail: s.james.lee at me.com


Seeking a job speicalized in the area of computer game, animation, interactive media arts, interactive user experience design, and physical computing. I have broad experiences in multi-displinary field where the most innovatave and creative imagination is realized with well balanced artistic and engineering skills. I am also very interested in the radiply growing mobile computing environments such as tablets and phones as means of games and media arts platform. More details found in my current C.V.


Art.Media.Tech Projects

* Please click each project images to see video documentation.


LifeLike Computer Interface - Avatar (2013)

Project LifeLike is collaborative research project funded by National Science Foundation from 2007. It aims to create more natural computer interface in the form of a virtual human. A user can talk to an avatar to manipluate accompanying external applicaiton or retrieve specific domain knowledge.

Role: I have been in charge of all visualization part including visualization framework, character modeling, animation, and expressions for realtime interaction. Main framework is implemented in C++ with Object-Oriented Rendering Engine (OGRE) and external behavior control is impleted via Pyhton script (boost c++ Python binding). I use blendshape morphing to control facial expression in realtime. Various custom GPU shaders are also implemented to enhance visual quality. Character modeling, texturing, and rigging is done in Maya and Animaiton is acquired via Vicon Motion Capture system and Motionbuilder SW. (more...)


MotionViewer & Motion Capture sample (2008 & 2010)

“Motion Viewer” is a small low burst motion playback and retarget utility software for Vicon motion data. MotionViewer supports a full body rigged character animation using captured motion files as source of animation. Multiple character synchronization and real time animation control interface are provided. Implemented in C++ with OGRE and Crazy Eddie’s GUI libraries.

Mocap sample work shows simplified animaiton pipeline from mocap to realtime visualization framework that I implemented in LifeLike project. Sample data is acqiried via Vicon Motion Capture system and Motionbuilder. Avatar model is riggned in Maya. (more...)


Garageband (2008 rev. 2011) - Group Project

In collaboration with Hyejung Hur and Don Olmstead, “Garageband” is a short computer animation created using Autodesk Maya and MotionBuilder software.

Role: I made a guitarist pumpkin head character including modeling, shading, rigging, motion capture performance, processing, and animation retargetting. The light inside pumpkin head is designed to synchronize with the amplitue of theme song. I wrote Maya MEL script to automatically keyframe analyized wave data into light intensity control channel. (more...)


Mr. P - 3D Prototyping (2011)

“Mr. Pumplkin” is a 1/10 scale plastic figure inspired by “Garageband” project. The guitarist singer in the former project is realized via 3D printer and detailed with acrylic paints. A little LED throwie gimmick is implemented to generate illumination from inside of pumpkin head. (more...)


Shall We Dance? (2008)

“Shall We Dance?” is a short computer animation inspired by the concept of living toy after hours from Toy Story and Far Far Away Idol Contest scene from Shrek2 (a little gingerbread character's dancing with a fairy).

I modeled and shaded whole scene and character using open source Blender tool. I used keyframe skeleton aniamtion and shapekey (similar to blendshape in Maya) for facial expression in the same tool. (more...)


High Stakes Poker (2007) - Group Project

In collaboration with Hyejung Hur and Geoffrey Brown, “High Stakes Poker” is a full 3D single player poker game. Main opponent character is designed in full 3D skeletal model with motion capture animation. Game provides smart tips and intelligent character behavior based on poker game logic. Game play uses Wiimote controller to interact with cards and each actions for poker game play. Implemented in C++ using Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine library. (more...)


PAN - MFA thesis (2006)

“PAN” is an interactive visual installation that facilitates collaborative performance. It provides a space for delightful activities that invites the audience to participate in its synthetic movement. By interacting with a tangible Pan interface, the installation renders tabletops with a new aesthetic that is generative and organic. This project was my MFA thesis work. (more...)


3.D.UO.PAD (2005)

“3.D.UO. PAD” is an interactive 3D sketchpad. In immersive 3D display systems such as CAVE or CWALL, the user can draw and carve sketchpad. One can select and assign 2D image as texture for sketchpad and morph the pad dynamically by color values of texture image pixels. Once the work is finished, the result can be saved and loaded later in real time. (more...)


Bouncing Space (2004)

“BOUNCING SPACE” aims to create the relationship between the concept of sound and motion. From our expectation, moving objects usually produce sound in real, a user creates motion of the primitive objects and each object generates sound. The second concept came from the reverse of this general idea. It is “from sound to motion.” Every moving object base on simulation of physics via Open Dynamics Engine. (more...)

* Some Extra Experimental Projects here.