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What is VRML?

The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is the de facto standard for delivering flatform-independ virtual reality over the internet. VRML is to 3D graphics what HTML is to document formatting. With a simple text file, you can describe how a vritual world looks and behaves and navigate around it without restriction.


Objects can be moved and rotated. Movements can be trigggered by a mouse click or by the passage of time. Most of behavers are done in CosmoWorlds. Be sure to click-on all objects when you see the hand sign.

Viewpoint Navigation

You can use the navigation window to move through the virtual space. You will be able to take a tour by jumping from one viewpiont to next viewpoint which will give you a realistic tour of the space. (just click to change viewpoints).


You will have a chance to play Korean traditional music by a simple mouse click or by proximity to a specal object. Also things that are far away will sound really distant and, in turn , sounds that are near to your location will sound louuder. Various sound effects and Korean music are embedded in the space. Move around you will hear the difference! If you want to know more about Korean music go to Korean Site.


This virtual space will contain four major sites to visit , a temple, a tower, an observaatory, and a cave . Softimage will be a modeling tool for the site.


VRML2.0, Java Scripting, HTML, Perl Scripting.

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