Two dimensional Genetic Images

These images were evolved using my Genetic Program Image Evolver. From nine to sixteen images are display on the screen, I picked an image I liked, the image can than be put aside for mating with other image's programs (genotype) or be mutated to make nine to sixteen more images. These to groups a two different famillies worked on for several days. The deco familly went up to sixty generations before degenerating. Cool and the Gang 's familly did not last so long.

The Deco familly group

Notice the familly resemblance ?

Cool and the Gang

These guys are all related ( from the same session ) but I don't remember in what order they came.

These all have as a base Ken Perlin's noise function. For many of these the noise is fed on itself.

Snake group

These have as a base some photograph I scanned in. When a video source is plugged into some of these programs and the result animated, it looks really cool.

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