The animation stuff needs its own page ...

Anim Script Stuff

Black and white Evolver ( ev )

argument lists :
-multi ( only good on the zbox : runs multi proc style )
-S file ( source functions list file. File= list of funcs & terms to use )
-Seed file ( seed file to use )
-s[4,6,8,9,12,16] number of images at a time
-i source image file. ( if none given there will be none ... )

Gene Viewer ( see )

Currently see only views black and white genes. Only the first arg is necessary.
argument lists :
first argument is the gene file name
-i source image to use [ 'default' gets one of my images from my /PIX dir ]
-s size [ x y ] or [ ntsc ] "ntsc" makes the size 646x484
-t time parameter
-z zed parameter

Gene Formatter ( format )

Puts out to stdout a formatted string. usage: format genefile