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True to the form of a "multimedia artist", Tina Shah's experience includes traditional mediums such as photography and video, as well as new interactive and telematic art forms such as virtual reality and accessgrid art. Tina's artistic expression endeavors to present the concept of identity using a full range of perspectives, from cultural and social to time and space.

Currently Tina is an MFA student in the Electronic Visualization program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is developing her thesis which deals with the process of memory. Tina is also working on web and database administration as a research assistant in the Electronic Visualization Laboratory and an adjunct instructor at the International Academy of Design and Technology.

Tina Shah has exhibited her artwork at Version>03 - Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL (2003), IDEAS Festival - Bloomington, IN (2003), IEEE VR Open House at EVL - University of Illinois at Chicago, IL (2004), Electronic Visualization Exhibit - University of Illinois at Chicago, IL (2004), Virtual World’s Festival - Sao Paulo, Brazil (2004), Studio 74 Artful Object Show - Oak Park, Illinois (2004), Interplay: Loose Minds in a Box, AG Art Show - University of Illinois at Chicago, IL (2005), SIGGRAPH2005, Emerging Technologies - Los Angeles, CA (2005), SCGlobal, Seattle, WA (2005).