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  Dinner at the Fairy Castle
Dinner at the Fairy Castle is an experimental project aimed at low cost alternatives to keying in actors in traditional movie sets. Using a virtual set, one can cut costs in regards to renting space, furniture, general labor and much more. With skilled artists, one can achieve the right look of a set - color, lighting, prop placement - with less production time!

Dinner at the Fairy Castle: A Virtual Set, is an attempt to recreate the dining room of the Fairy Castle exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Since the actual exhibit is miniature in size, the artists thought it would be fun for audience participants to actually see themselves keyed inside one of the famous elegant rooms of the castle. Through windows of the virtual dining room, the participant can see live video of people peeking into the room! Dinner at the Fairy Castle: A Virtual Set brings the essence of the MSI exhibit into virtual reality. For more info, email me.

  Animagina -
An experimental collaborative VR project which plays with techno-topian/technopocalypse symbols in a conceptual environment. A growing vase, tumbling dice of fate, spiritual pyramids, a menacing robot, and an eye, like a surveillance camera, monitoring our movements. The idea of the project is to reveal the cross-cultural meaning of these objects as they coexist in real time and virtual space. Following the “exquisite corpse” model, a surrealist technique that exploits the mystique of accident, the symbols come together to transport the user into their spatial logic. For a virtual walk through, download this video: