May 1st, 1995 - March 1st, 1996

Categories: VR Art


Journey was initially produced in mid to late 1995 as the graphics for Synesthesia, a VR project directed by the artist Rita Addison.

The graphics for the first two scenes (the ocean and the tunnel) were developed in conjunction with this project. They were created for the CAVE™ using C programming, IrisGL and the CAVE Library™. In the end, however, the graphics were not used for Synesthesia. So, the project was completed with the development of a final scene and the addition of audio. Programming for audio was accomplished with NCSA’s VSS library.

The final version of Journey was designed to be shown on video as an animation or in VR on an ImmersaDesk™. Navigation on the ImmersaDesk™ was accomplished with the wand and limited to forward and backward movement.

Journey was exhibited publicly in a group exhibition by EVL at SIGGRAPH 96 in New Orleans. The exhibition, entitled Neither Here Nor There, was an ImmersaDesk™ exhibit that was shown in both The Digital Bayou and The Bridge Art Show. It was also shown on video at The 6th International Student Film Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel in June of 1996. From September 14, 2000 through January 18, 2001 (extended to February 25, 2001), it will be shown on video in the Coninx Museum in Zürich, Switzerland as part of the Beyond Borders exhibit.