Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
312.413.7585 fax
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Engineering Research Facility (ERF)
842 W Taylor, Room 2032
Chicago, IL 60607
Mailing Address:
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
Department of Computer Science M/C 152
University of Illinois at Chicago
851 S Morgan, Room 1120
Chicago, IL 60607-7053


EVL Location & Travel Details (pdf, 2.5MB)
The Engineering Research Facility is located on UIC’s East Campus, at the corner of Halsted Street and Taylor Street. ERF is a card access secured building. During regular business hours, enter ERF through the main Taylor Street entrance lobby and proceed through two sets of double doors to the corridor. Turn right and walk down the hall to the gold elevators. Take an elevator to the second floor and call 312.996.3002 from your cell to notify us of your arrival. You will be met in the second floor lobby.
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