Instant Glory 2309

September 1st, 2003 - January 1st, 2004

Categories: Applications, VR Art

A still frame from Instant Glory 2309
A still frame from Instant Glory 2309


Setting of Instant Glory 2309 is in the future of Earth, in the year 2309, where racecar driving had turned in Wind Sail Racing (cars have now turned into aerodynamic ships that can fly). The nature of the game play is to react to the complex race course with filled with sharp turns and speed boosters laid out in front of the player and to ultimately beat the AI controlled competitor.

The Victory Condition for the game will be the completion of each completed track within a certain amount of time as the AI or by attaining first place.

This game is mainly targeted for people who like fast reaction time dependant games. It has the potential to keep the interest player who can play for hours on end but is mainly targeted for people who need to play in sessions. Saving should be done automatically to prevent users from cheating on the statistics of the game.

Please Click on the link below to download a Demo Version of Instant Glory 2309