August 16th, 2004 - March 10th, 2006

Categories: MFA Thesis, VR Art


The form of space is used to evoke a sublime environment that dramatically transforms by expanding and contracting, according to the position of the viewer. UNFOLDING SPACE visualizes space as a tessellation of higher dimensional objects - polytopes - into a grid, that is navigated in rotating, slow paced four dimensions, by moving from one polytope to the next, trailing over a higher dimensional path.

In order to make the structure and distinctive points of view of the grid visible, a mesh or set of objects are placed and anchored to the four dimensional vertices of the grid. An abstract enveloping landscape is constructed. that in turn, is a playground for becoming familiar with the distortion of four dimensional space, in a manner similar to how we get to understand orthogonal or perspective projections.

The passage through the projections of a higher dimensional environment is likened to a walk through the forest, at the precise moment when the light causes the foliage and the shadows of the trees to merge into a unified pattern.

UNFOLDING SPACE is developed as a CWALL (configurable wall) and CAVE virtual reality experience.