Burrow Chase

September 1st, 2003 - January 1st, 2004

Categories: Applications, Multimedia

Still Frame from Burrow Chase Game
Still Frame from Burrow Chase Game


The focus of the Burrow Chase game is for a big creature to catch a small creature running through tunnels that are being dynamically created as they move. The small creature has to collect five pieces of food. If the small creature finds all the pieces, an exit portal appears and the small creature escapes. The creatures may also encounter explosives, which they may choose to avoid or pick up, but which will explode if run over.

At the beginning of the game, the big creature, the small creature, the food and explosives, are randomly positioned. The creatures don’t know the location of each other, so, the big creature has to dig tunnels to find the small creature, and the small creature has to dig tunnels to find the pieces of food, while avoiding being caught by the big creature.

While chasing, the creatures may choose either to continue to dig tunnels or to travel through tunnels already created. Each creature can see its own location and the tunnels they have dug on a sonar map.

This is a two player game designed for use between two networked computers.