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Graphics Software
Mac: Adobe Photoshop, Swivel 3-D, Hypercard 2.0
SGI: SoftImage 3.5, Alias Composer
PC: Lumena, Adobe Photoshop
Amiga: Disney Animation Studio, Photolab, DeluxePaint III, DigiPaint, LCA!, Photon Cel Animator, Live! & Invision, Amiga BASIC

Business Software
PC: FoxPro, MS Word for Windows, WordPerfect 5.1, Excel
Mac: MS Word, MS Works, Pagemaker, Excel, Appleworks

Operating Systems
Windows 3.5, 95, and 98; DOS; IRIX; LINUX; Mac

Programming Languages


December 1997
Completed 10th semester (100 hrs) at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Graduate division
Electronic Visualization Laboratory (Computer Graphics)
Degree sought: Master of Fine Arts.

June 1991
Attained B.A. in Liberal Arts from Columbia College, Chicago
32 hours computer graphics, 32 hours studio arts, 12 hours animation, 4 hours desktop publishing.

June 1987
Graduated from New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois.



RUIMTE ("Space") Magazine (Netherlands)

1500-word editorial on the relationship of science and art, published in this feminist art magazine January 1996.


November 1999
Desktop theme design (Windows)
BMT; Chicago, Illinois

July 1999
Web page design
Cosmodog, Inc.; Chicago, Illinois

June 1999
Web page design
Cameron Aircraft Interiors; West Chicago, Illinois

June 1998 to present
Database management; computer tech support; promotions
Ultrasound; Chicago, Illinois

July 1998 through December 1998
Box office attendant
Karma Nightclub; Chicago, Illinois

January 1993 through July 1994, and September 1995 through April 1998
Receptionist; computer tech support
Shelter Nightclub; Chicago, Illinois

March 1996
Freelance logo design and arcade game design consultation
SkyBoy Productions, Inc.; Chicago, Illinois

June 1995 through April 1996, and September 1996 to Spring 1997
Database Implementation Assistant, Data Entry Clerk
Fox Associates Publishers' Representative; Chicago, Illinois

May through December 1994
Lead Game Tester (PC CD-ROM), Quality Assurance Agent (cartridge games)
Viacom New Media; Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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June through September 1992
Personal Assistant to the Director; Script & Story Editor; Prop Manager
Somersaulter Films / Big Cat Productions, L.P.; Chicago, Illinois

November 1991 through June 1992
Administrative Assistant to President/Owner; wholesale management
Saint Germain Bakery/Cafe; Chicago, Illinois

April 1991
Substitute Teacher for BASIC programming class
Columbia College Computer Graphics Department; Chicago, Illinois

February through June 1990 and September 1990 through June 1991
Teaching Assistant - Computer Graphics Lab
Columbia College; Chicago, Illinois

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