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Cassie, Carmella and Cosmo's Net Friends
Steph and Sani

Steph with her pup, Sani.
And they call them puppy loves!

I do not endorse a particular breeder, however, if you would like to adopt a shih tzu who needs a home or sponser a pup in foster care, please visit

Dear Angel Noodles
In loving memory of Noodles (April 2, 2003), companion to our friend in Alaska, Theresa.
Hi, my name is Noodles. I was adopted by a nice family not too long ago. They were real nice and the kids treated me very gentle. A week after I was at my new home I got very sick. My new owners took me to the vet and did everything they could for me but I did not get any better. They were told I had a birth defect called hydrocephalus and I started acting kind of disoriented and a little aggressive. They tried everything they could. Three weeks after my adoption I was put to sleep so that I wouldnt have to suffer. My family misses me very much but I understand that they did what was best. They told me they loved me before I went in and they knew that I loved them too. They say I brought such Joy and Love into their lives even if it was for a very short time. I brought laughter to their smiles and twinkles to their eyes. I will miss them. Theresa and her family miss Noodles very much.

Noodles came from a house where he was mistreated and which had all the earmarks of being a puppy mill. Theresa and her family rescued him from this wretched place and did their best to give Noodles a good life.

Wally from Arkansas!
Our friend Wally from Arkansas is so sweet and he love chewing on ice cubes.

Mollie as Witchey! TyTy
Here are our friends from Mississippi, Mollie (as a "Witchling") and TyTy. They love tomatoes and cucumbers just like our pups. TyTy even like lettuce! But a good dog treat rules any day... They are very adorable pups!

Little Nina Doll!
Meet sweet Ñiña. She is a little doll and so cute that you could hug her all day! She loves to cuddle with her favorite blanket, play, sleep, and be spoiled...such a grand shih tzu life!

Puppy Pepper!
Meet cute little Pepper the puppy! She is just getting the hang of shih tzu ways but well on her way to learning about the joys of treats!

Sweeties Ruby and Vino!
Here are the two best buds Ruby (Llasa Apso) and Vino (Shih Tzu). These sweet little faces deserve hugs and kisses!
They love to play with eachother.

Darling Daisy!
Here's darling little Daisy with her fav tennis ball and her cute little overbite!

Beautiful Sassy!
Our friend, Sassy, the beautiful shih tzu.

Nora's Joy!
This is our friend, Joy, from Marietta Georgia. She is very well named and brings joy to her family!

Chelsea and Jazz! Chelsea and Jazz!
This is our friend Chelsea from Canada playing with her boyfriend, Jazz. They are sweet together and know the ropes about being friends!

Cassie! Cassie! Cassie!
This is Cassidy, a beloved and very sweet shih tzu who is now on Rainbow Bridge. She is missed and loved dearly. She shared a lot of joy during her life and created many happy memories for those around her.

Snoopers is our sweet little friend from Illinois. He likes pig ears and swimming!

prettypatty babypatty pattytoy
Patty is a beauty!! She loves her toys, her sister, a poodle, named Sandy, and her treats. Patty is from Singapore.

GeorgieBear GeorgieBear
Hey there, Georgiebear! Cute little fluffy shih tzu from PA!!

Handsome Chimo is a snazzy dresser. Belongs on the shih tzu version of GQ don't you think??

Our friend Jasper is from Tennessee. He is very playful and sweet and loves pig ears!!

Sweet little Velvet during one of her favorite activities. She is very cuddly.

An image of Cleo the cutie -- altho she is gone, her family will always cherish her.

Meet Pheobe who lives with Cleo's family. She's a young pup but learning the sacred ways of the shih tzu quickly!

Little puppy Fancy likes to steal grapes! She has the face to get away with it though!

Here is cute little Maggie in her garden.

Here is Toodles living in the lap of luxury... what a cuddle ball!

Meet cute little Macey from California. She's a cuddley gold and white furball!

Mick! MommyMolly!
Here's Mick and his love, Molly with their babies...
baby bird older baby bird
and one of their babies, Birdie!

Buddy! HalloweenBuddy!
Here's cute little Buddy at a precious 10 weeks old. And Halloween with Mom as Dorothy and Toto!

KittyCat sabrina1
Our friends, Kitty Cat and Sabrina sweet little sisters!!

Chloe enjoys the breezy breezes!!

What a cute munchkin little Lou-E is!!

Little Emma at 2 months old and already knows all the cuteness poses - must be in the genes!

Visit the tribute page for Sweet Katie now an angel puppy in heaven.

Chewbacca Chewy
Meet our friend, Chewy (what a great name!) before and after the haircut. He's a bruiser boy and a cutie! He looks like our bruiser girl, Carmella!
Here is Chewy's wife, Daisy. Such a cute little girl!
MrToonie meettoonie MrToonie
My meeting with Toonie and his mom (holding Toonie) and dad in PA!

Our friend Manja from Singapore lounging in his favorite bag and during his first birthday!

Cati and Cori from Sierra Madres: cute little buddies and what faces!

Meet our friend Marcie, a shih tzu/lhasa apso. She was rescued by loving parents and is as cute as can be!
Raleigh, NC shih tzu buddies: "robust and hefty" Pippi and "tiny and delicate" Snuggles


Ty DarLen
Read the bittersweet tale of Le-Ty and then visit his kin Ty and Dar-Len.

Meet Long Islanders Sam and Chloe so cute and sweet!

Check out the mug on this cutie - Jazmyn!

Bama1 Bama2 Bama3
Our dear friend, Bama, from Alabama!

Cindy CindyAmy
Our friend, Cindy, the sweetie from Canada and with her mom, Amy!

The cutie, Phill from Japan!!

Meet our cute friend Cosmo (hey, just like our Cosmo!) a shih tzu from Hawaii!

Meet our cute friend Roadway another shih tzu from Pennsylvania!

Our new friends visiting with Santa! On the left is Missy and the right is Wickett.

Thor is quite the poser. He loves to play dress-up!

Our friend Sani in her hula outfit, as a queen and playing in the snow. Sani and her human sister, Stephanie live in Grafton, WI.

Click here for a shih tzu drawing by Steph

Visit our friend Toby from Pennsylvania.

Our friends, the cute pack o'shih tzus: left to right (top row) Toby, Samoyia
(bottom row) Bubba, Dusty

Our friends in Temple Texas at Calico Lace Kennel!

Meet the cutie Dookie, the Llasa Apso from Florida!!!

Tippy O'Toole lounging in CA!

Selah and Killer from OH. ( Selah didn't really want Killer to be on the page.)

Mr. Gizmo from OK - playing in his wagon and in his yard! Also the puppy Betsie, Gizmo's sister.

Ms. Brandy from B.C. & Ms. Savannah the toilet paper smuggler!

Ms. Gizmo from TX.

Meet Oscar from San Diego, CA

The Shih Tzu family of Mijoy Shih Tzu


Meet Phoebe-Lin


Here is Mamoy striking a pose!

Char's Shih Tzu Ranch

Ziam's Shih Tzu Kennel

Florida the cutie -- cuddley all the way!

Here is sweet Abbey. Click here to visit her playpen

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