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Garden Treats: 1995 1996 1997

Making a Garden 1995: In the beginning
Here are our first pictures of cleaning out the yard and preparing it for cultivation. The blue thing in the left photo is the pool cover for the pool that we disassembled in May, 1995 and we used it to kill the grass before uprooting it. In the pic on the right, Craig stands where the pond will be, shovel in hand!

On the left are friends who helped us prepare the area where the vegetable garden will be. They are dear friends that we hope will help us paint the garage this year! On the right, the hole for the pond is dug and two potentilla shrubs are barely visible - our first plantings.

Left to Right: Pond is installed and decorative stones that we dug up in the yard surround it and many planting are in place including the vegetable garden on the left - hurray! At this point it had a ways to go, but it was shaping up.
By the end of the summer, the plants were growing and we were on our way!

To see the garden from 1996 - Look Here