March 2013 Graphite rubbing of the IP by Eric Fleischauer detail from Sandin Image Processor

Sandin Image Processor, Graphite Rubbing by artist Eric Fleischauer

Art Slant Logo "Image processors became the tool for popular moving images, ranging from pop music videos and movies, to Chris Marker’s high postmodern classic Sans Soleil. Initially devised to play audio/visual concerts, the Sandin IP became an instrument, a tool that expanded the field of aesthetics that is today called New Media Art. It was visually revolutionary." GEOslant: Joel Kuennen on Chicago's Dirty New Media

March 2013

There has been a resurgence in interest in analogue image processing that parallels the interest in analog audio. I think there is more here than nostalgia. The physicality of the interface with knobs and joysticks is important.  But the unique aspect, compared to digital processing, is the physical layout of the data processing modules and the processing program.

My favorite analog video synth is the LZX  Visionary Modular Video Synthesizer.

LZX has added three modules based on the classic Sandin IP - the function generator, the differentiator and the amplitude classifier.

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