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aenaon, 2005


aenaon [the ever flowing], 2005

aenaon, is a CAVE based collaborative tele-immersive virtual reality art piece. Its focus is to create a new type of universe, to generate space, and new forms of space based on user’s presence, actions and behavior within virtual reality and with remote participants. Users end up in an abstract environment composed by their physical and virtual bodily movements. The amount of interactivity in each instance of the environment matters and the environment changes with the pass of time, like everything in real life. Shapes, color combinations, density and composition of forms will depend proportionally on the amount of interactivity. The more you act, the more you create. The more users act by themselves and with others, the more layers, shapes and complexity they add together into the abstract world. Aenaon is a non-linear piece.

COLLABORATORS: Kapil Arora, Helen-Nicole Kostis, Sangyoon Lee, HyeYun Park, Daria Tsoupikova

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aenaon, 2005