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animagina, 2003


animagina :: (life + imagination), 2003

An experimental collaborative tele-immersive project, which plays with technotopian/technopocalyptic symbols in a conceptual environment. A growing vase, tumbling dice of fate, spiritual pyramids, a menacing robot, and an eye, like a surveillance camera, monitoring our movements.The idea of the project is to examine the way we understand these symbols, as they coexist in real time and virtual space. Following the "exquisite corpse" model, a surrealist technique that exploits the mystique of accident, the symbols come together to transport the user into their spatial logic. more..

COLLABORATORS: Julieta Aguilera, Seung Kang, Damin Keenan, Helen-Nicole Kostis, Tina Shah

special thanks to: Alex Hill, Geoffrey Allen Baum, Franz Fischnaller

showcased: Version>03 :: Digital Art Convergence - MCA, Chicago,
                    IEEE Open House EVL
                    SPIEE 2005
                    Virtual Worlds Festival Sao Paolo - Brazil (2004)