Virtual Audio Reality, Dylan Menzies

Institutions: Department of Media Technology, De Montfort University, Leicester UK


EVL Cyber-Commons
842 West Taylor, Room 2068

Dr. Dylan Menzies (Department of Media Technology, De Montfort University, UK) presents his research in audio signal processing, physical acoustics, and music technology at EVL, Wed October 19, 2011.

Virtual Audio Reality

Development of audio for virtual and augmented reality systems is an active research area that has the potential to enhance immersion and perceptual bandwidth. Two aspects are considered in this talk, the control and display of spatial content in audio, and the generation of sound and vibration using models within a physically modelled environment. Some background is presented and an overview of some recent research projects. While many challenges remain, progress has extended the role for audio in VR.


Date: October 19, 2011
Dylan Menzies, - D. Menzies, De Montfort University

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