Allison Heath - Open Science Data Cloud - Guest Speaker at EVL Tech Meeting

Participants: Allison Heath

842 West Taylor, Room 2068
Chicago, IL 60607

Allison Heath presents research being conducted by the Open Science Data Cloud (OSDC) at EVL’s Tech Meeting.

1pm, Wednesday, March 6, 2013

OSDC is a petabyte-scale science cloud managed and operated by the Open Cloud Consortium (OCC). The OSDC currently manages about a petabyte of data for researchers in multiple disciplines that use big data, including the earth sciences, biological sciences, social sciences, and digital humanities. Additionally, the OSDC consists of Eucalyptus, OpenStack, and Hadoop-based infrastructures so that researchers can compute over their data. The OSDC is a distributed facility that spans four data centers connected by 10G networks. Two data centers are in Chicago, one is at the Livermore Valley Open Campus (LVOC), and one is at the AMPATH facility in Miami. OSDC user services are tied together by Tukey, an application we are developing to provide a centralized and intuitive web interface for accessing public and private cloud services. We also provide research, training and education opportunities in data intensive computing through the NSF PIRE program. The OSDC PIRE project provides international research and education experienced through training and study at universities and research institutes around the world with leading scientists in the field of computing.

Allison P. Heath
Allison is a research scientist with Dr. Robert Grossman in the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology at the University of Chicago. She completed my PhD in Computer Science at Rice University with Dr. Lydia Kavraki, where she developed algorithms for computational problems in structural and systems biology. Her current research interests are in cloud computing systems and algorithms tailored for data intensive science. Her projects revolve around the design and implementation of computational methods for analyzing large genomic datasets. She also works on creating utilities for managing large data sets in cloud computing environments.


Date: March 6, 2013
Allison Heath - University of Chicago

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