Multi-Perspective Collaborative Design in Persistent Networked Virtual Environments

A Selection of CALVIN Avatars - J. Leigh, EVL

Authors: Leigh, J., Johnson, A., Vasilakis, C., DeFanti, T.

Publication: Proceedings of the IEEE Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium (VRAIS `96), Santa Clara, CA, pp. 253-260, 271-272


In this paper we present an approach to applying virtual reality in architectural design and collaborative visualization which emphasizes the use of multiple perspectives. These perspectives, including multiple mental models as well as multiple visual viewpoints, allow virtual reality to be applied in the earlier, more creative, phases of the design process, rather than just as a walkthrough of the final design. CALVIN, a prototype interface which implements these ideas, has been created using the CAVE virtual reality theatre.

Date: March 20, 1996 - April 3, 1996

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