AccessGrid-to-Go : Providing AccessGrid access on Personal Digital Assistants

Authors: Thorson, M., Leigh, J., Maajid,G., Park, K., Nayak, A., Salva, P., Berry, S.

Publication: Access Grid Retreat 2002 Proceedings, La Jolla, CA

Vic Viewer for PocketPC (VVP) is a software application to decode and display a packetized video stream delivered over IP networks to a PDA running the Microsoft PocketPC operating system. This was first developed in the Spring of 2001 by Michael Thorson at EVL. The software is based on VIC, an open source video conferencing application originally developed at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory. VIC is the primary means for video distribution over the Access Grid.

The fundamental problem we are attempting to solve is: How does one display dozens of Access Grid video streams on a small screen, over a low bandwidth wireless network, with a small amount of processing power? We believe this is the problem, in general, that needs to be solved for wide spread deployment of portable wireless video conferencing.

Date: March 4, 2002 - March 5, 2002

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