New Advances in Computer-Generated Barrier-Strip Autostereography

Authors: Meyers, S., Sandin, D., Cunnally, W., Sandor, E., DeFanti, T.

Publication: Proceedings of SPIE, Stereoscopic Displays and Applications, vol 1256, pp. 312-321, S S Fisher|Merritt, J O

This paper discusses (1) a new proofing method.of printing Cibachrome from monochrome films, producing higher saturation, spatial resolution, and dimensional stability; (2) experiments with inks and materials for mass printing of barrier-strip and lenticular autostereograms; (3) photographic enlargement and barrier-strip scaling; (4) techniques for combining photographs of real objects with computer backgrounds; and (5) the mathematics of projection and interleaving cylindrical (non planar) autostereograms producing up to a 360° viewing angle.

Date: September 1, 1990

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D. Sandin

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