TeraScope: Distributed Visual Data Mining of Terascale Data Sets over Photonic Networks

Authors: Zhang, C., Leigh, J., DeFanti, T.A., Mazzucco, M., Grossman, R.

Publication: Journal of Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS), vol 19, no 6, Elsevier Science Press, pp. 935-944

TeraScope is a framework and a suite of tools for interactively browsing and visualizing large terascale data sets. Unique to TeraScope is its utilization of the Optiputer paradigm to treat distributed computer clusters as a single giant computer, where the dedicated optical networks that connect the clusters serve as the computer’s system bus. TeraScope explores one aspect of the Optiputer architecture by employing a distributed pool of memory, called LambdaRAM, that serves as a massive data cache for supporting parallel data mining and visualization algorithms.

Date: August 1, 2003

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TeraScope tiled display at iGrid 2002 - C. Zhang, EVL

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