Wide-Area experiments with LambdaStream over dedicated high-bandwidth networks

Authors: Vishwanath, V., J. Leigh, E. He, M. D. Brown, L. Long, L. Renambot, A. Verlo, X. Wang, T. A. DeFanti

Publication: IEEE INFOCOM 2006

LambdaGrid applications can generate hundreds to thousands of parallel flows. These flows emanate from network interfaces in the end-systems (i.e. the compute clusters) to communicate with other end-systems over multiple lightpaths. LambdaStream is an application-level UDP based transport protocol for LambdaGrids. We present wide-area results with LambdaStream over dedicated 10Gbps networks using the TeraGrid and CaveWave. We present results wherein we achieve close to 10Gbps unidirectional and over 18Gbps bidirectional over these high-speed wide-area networks.

Keywords: High-performance Transport Protocols, Optical Networks, Wide-Area Networks

Date: April 24, 2006 - April 26, 2006

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