Authors: Lee, S.

Publication: MFA Thesis

Pan is an interactive visual installation that facilitates a collaborative performance among users.

The title of the work is a Korean word that invokes several different meanings: plate, disk, place, stage. The reference to a plate corresponds to the interface used in the work, while simultaneously referencing a Korean tradition - the designation of a public performance space within the community that is for eyeryone’s use, and a gathering place for performance.

The installation invites the audience to participate in its synthetic movement and provides a space for community interaction. By interacting with a tangible interface, the installation renders tabletops with a new aesthetic that is generative and organic. Interactive activities are interpreted as softened dynamics visually by a generic particle system algorithm. The three interfaces are capable of network communication to form an interconnection among participants.

Date: May 13, 2006

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Exhibition Overview - S. Lee, EVL

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