Simulation of a Grinding Process in Virtual Reality

Researchers: Mike Papka, Thomas Canifield, William Jester, John Rowlan, Edward Plaskacz

Simulation of a grinding process in the CAVE enables users to explore a commonly used manufacturing process from an entirely new vantage point. An operator performs the simple task of grinding a component by controlling the motion of three axes of the table with the wand. When the wheel is in contact with a part on the table, heat is generated and material is ground away. This produces internal stress and heat flow in the part, wheel, and table. The temperature and stresses are computed in real time on an IBM SP-1 and selectively displayed on the various components as the simulation unfolds. Sound is generated by monitoring the surface motions predicted by the model. Materials ablated by the grinding are ejected as small particles and displayed as sparks.

Analysis of this simple manufacturing process involves solving complex equations at speeds that exceed the perceived event. Real-time interaction between an operator and a “virtual” machine provides new insight into how to interact with the real machine. It also enhances our ability to model physical processes and generate more realistic simulations.

This application was a part of VROOM - the Virtual Reality Room event showcased at SIGGRAPH 94.


Date: July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

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