Jason Interactive Mapper

Developers: Dave Pape, G. Feldman, R. Haleblian, A. Maffei, M. Marra, C. Molyneaux, K. Stewart

Funding: NSF, DoE

The JASON is an underwater remotely operated vehicle operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. This virtual-reality demonstration re-enacts the exploration of hydrothermal vents in the Guaymas Basin near Baja California. CAVE participants watch the JASON as it collects bathymetry data, temperature data, and high-resolution still images, and transmits a “live feed” from its video cameras (pre-recorded, in this case, for presentation purposes).

With a virtual-reality interface, users are able to visit this normally inaccessible region via telepresence.

Email: dave.pape@acm.org

Date: July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994
JASON Exploring the Ocean Floor - D. Pape, EVL

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