Leaky’s Room

Researchers: Keith Beu

Leaky’s Room is a virtual environment, developed by Keith Beu, that uses audience participation and real-time video and was created as a component of The Great Sandini Virtual Circus of the CAVE™ virtual environment.

The audience entered Leaky’s Roomby falling through a trap door in the floor of a virtual circus tent. A short tunnel ride later, the participant would land in the “hall of mirrors” itself where live video of the viewers would be distorted in real-time and displayed back in the CAVE™. This provided a “house-of-mirrors”-type effect, where the audience would see themselves distorted as if in a circus fun-house mirror. The live video feed of the viewers was distorted in real-time through use of Beu’s proprietary image processing tools.

Email: keitho@anet.com

Date: September 2, 1994 - April 3, 1995
A still from the Hall of Mirrors in Leaky’s Room - K. Beu, EVL

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