Top Challenges in the Visualization of Engineering Tensor Fields

Authors: Hlawitschka, M., Hotz, I., Kratz, A., Marai, G.E., Moreno, R., Scheuermann, G., Stommel, M., Wiebel, A., Zhang, E.

Publication: Visualization and Processing of Tensors and Higher-Order Descriptors for Multi-field Data, Springer, pp. 1-13, Westin, C.F.|Burgeth, B.|Vilanova, A. (editors)

In this chapter we summarize the top research challenges in creating successful visualization tools for tensor fields in engineering. The analysis is based on our collective experiences and on discussions with both domain experts and visualization practitioners. We find that creating visualization tools for engineering tensors often involves solving multiple different technical problems at the same time - including visual intuitiveness, scalability, interactivity, providing both detail and context, integration with modeling and simulation, representing uncertainty and managing multi-fields; as well as overcoming terminology barriers and advancing research in the mathematical aspects of tensor field processing. We further note the need for tools and data repositories to encourage faster advances in the field. Our interest in creating and proposing this list is to initiate a discussion about important research issues within the visualization of engineering tensor fields.

Date: January 1, 2014

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Paraview rendering of the shock regions (points within 0.01 of the local speed/speed of sound ratio of 1) in a rich and very large – 21M-points – combustion dataset. - L. Marai, EVL

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