Andrew Johnson, UIC/EVL Director of Research, on Radio panel discussion “Talking Science Fiction”

Associate Professor & EVL Director of Research, Andy Johnson - photo: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin

Participants: Andrew Johnson

APRIL 22, 2015 - Andrew E. Johnson, UIC Computer Science associate professor and Electronic Visualization Laboratory director of research, participated in a panel discussion entitled “Talking Science Fiction” on WGCO (1590 AM radio in Evanston, Illinois). The Milt Rosenberg Program is a daily radio show that features intelligent, enlivening and thought provoking discussions centered on the world of ideas. The Program’s website lists some of the ideas behind this show: “Would we have smart phones without science fiction? Would we have ever dared to explore our galaxy, to dream of life on other planets? Probably not. Science Fiction has given birth to some of our greatest technologies, our greatest works of literature and, of course, some of our greatest films.”

Rosenberg, a professor emeritus at the University of Chicago and the 40-year host of the public affairs program Extension 720 on WGN Radio until 2012, was joined in the studio by Johnson and Gary Wolfe, a Humanities professor at Roosevelt University and a science fiction editor, critic and biographer. While Johnson has a deep interest in science fiction, Rosenberg explains that Johnson was invited to participate because he “is a super computer guy and has everything to do with advancing science, thus advancing us in directions that perhaps science fiction has predicted, as well.”

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Date: April 22, 2015

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