New U of I President Killeen visits UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory as part of a campus tour

UIC lab: Timothy Killeen visits the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory in Chicago. (Photo: Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune)


EDITOR’S NOTE: On May 5, 2015, Timothy L. Killeen, the new president of the University of Illinois, toured UIC accompanied by a reporter from the Chicago Tribune, and their first stop was the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL).

During his 50-minute visit, EVL graduate and undergraduate students, as well as staff and faculty, provided overviews of some of the lab’s research and educational activities. Killeen, a leading researcher in geophysics and space science, was pleasantly surprised to discover that some of the technologies and tools he used in his research, such as the GeoWall, were developed by EVL. He seemed sincerely impressed with all EVL’s current research efforts, and he warmly engaged each of the student presenters with questions about their work and interests.

Chicago Tribune journalist Jodi Cohen shadowed Killeen for the day. Her article “New U. of I. president optimistic about building team to tackle challenges,” published May 15 online and May 16 in the newspaper, primarily focused on the budget concerns of the state’s largest public university. However, her article also acknowledged that Killeen wants to be a “student-centered” president, and “that desire was at the core of nearly every discussion Killeen had as he toured the UIC campus one day earlier this month. On that day, he met with new Chancellor Michael Amiridis, visited the high-tech electronic visualization lab, met with student leaders, and toured one of the campus’ community health clinics.”

Read the May 15, 2015 online article.

(Note: This article is accompanied by a slideshow of photos; EVL-relevant photos are reproduced here.)

(1) 3-D brain. Wearing 3-D glasses, incoming President Timothy Killeen checks out images of a human brain that have been generated in the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory’s &dlquo;Cave.” (Photo: Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune)

(2) Electronic Visualization Laboratory: Timothy Killeen, second from left, views an image of a lake in Antarctica as he visits the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory. (Photo: Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune)

(3) UIC lab: Timothy Killeen visits the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory in Chicago. (Photo: Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune)


Date: May 16, 2015

Document: ChicagoTribune_Killeen_16May2015

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