Visual Encodings for Spectral Information in Turbulent Combustion Simulation Datasets, in an Immersive Environment

Wednesday, July 15, 2015, 1 PM
EVL Cyber-Commons
Room 2068 ERF

EVL Research Experience Undergraduates Brook Habtegiorgis and Evan Kreft present their research in turbulent combustion concepts, equations and modeling strategies.

Turbulent reacting flows can be studied using different numerical simulations and mathematical models. These methods usually require discretization of input data and output is also typically reported in discrete form. Our clients from Computational Multiphase Transport Lab (CMTL) who focus in turbulent flows would like us to preserve the continuity of the data and find a way to display the spectral information (polynomial coefficients) for different variables such as density, pressure and velocity at the same time. We have approached the problem using Omegalib to generate a point cloud model for each variable and 2D representation of the dataset to directly compare numerically and find correlation among the variables.


Date: July 15, 2015

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