When Big Data Meets Cyber-Crime

Tuesday, September 15, 2015, 1 PM
EVL Cyber-Commons, Room 2068 ERF

Senior data analyst, Wei Xie in the Alibaba Safety and Security Intelligence Center will present Alibaba's work on large-scale data visualization and analytics aimed at identifying and analyzing risks and frauds in customer transaction data records. The presentation will provide and introduction to The Alibaba Group, and overview of the cyber-crime challenge currently being faced in China, and a discussion of big data vs. cyber-crime with prospective approaches and solutions.

Speaker: Wei Xie
Wei Xie, director of Alibaba's Business Safety Agency, is the leader of SSIC (Safety and Security Intelligence center). SSIC of Alibaba group is China’s first data visualization center based on real-time operation data in the area of online safety and security. Mr. Xie has over 15 years of experiences in the field of IT as well as safety and security. He is also the expert on anti-fraud, data safety. Conducting university collaborations is one of his main responsibilities as well.

Email: maxine@uic.edu

Date: September 15, 2015

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