Decorrelated Audio Imaging in Radial Virtual Reality Environments

Authors: Dalle Molle, B., Pinkl, J., Blewett, M.

Publication: Audio Engineering Society Convention E-Brief 208, Audio Engineering Society Convention E-Brief 208


University of Illinois at Chicago’s CAVE2 is a large-scale, 320-degree radial visualization environment with a 360-degree 20.2 channel radial speaker system. The purpose of our research is to develop solutions for spatially accurate playback of audio within a virtual reality environment, reconciling differences between the circular speaker array, the location of a user in the physical space, and the location of virtual sound objects within CAVE2’s OmegaLib virtual reality software, all in real time. Previous research presented at AES 137 detailed our work on object geometry, dynamically mapping a virtual objectís width and distance to the speaker array with volume and delay compensation. Our recent work improves virtual width perception using dynamic decorrelation with transient fidelity, implemented via Supercollider on the CAVE2 sound server.

Date: October 23, 2015

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