EVL Post-doctoral Research Associate Anil Camci Performs at the Experimental Sound Studio: OSCILLATIONS 2016

Participants: Anil Camci

URL: http://bestevents.us/chicago-oscillations-anil-camci-focus-group-llc/1486707

The Experimental Sound Studio presents eclectic performance and installation programming as part of it's OSCILLATIONS 2016 series. Among this year’s line-up is EVL post-doctoral research associate Anil Camci, who will perform ‘Temas’ - a real-time, stochastic, electronic, acoustic performance. In this performance, Camci traverses the fine line between the organic and the synthesized, analyzing patterns of sound and performing probabilities.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Experimental Sound Studio
5925 N Ravenswood
Chicago, IL 60660

Doors open at 7:30pm; performance begins at 8:00pm.

Email: anilcamci@gmail.com

Date: November 12, 2016
Experimental Sound Studio

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