EVL PhD Candidate Chihua Ma Receives Charles E. Ives Journal Award

Flow diagram: (a) mouse brain, (b) camera, (c) time-series imaging data of mouse brain slices, (d) generate dynamic communities using DNA and (e) present the analysis results using the SwordPlots visualization.

Participants: Angus Forbes, Chihua Ma, Robert V. Kenyon

URL: http://www.imaging.org/site/IST/Membership/Honors_and_Awards/Charles_E_Ives_Journal_Award/IST/Membership/Awards/Charles_E._Ives_Journal_Award.aspx

“SwordPlots: Exploring Neuron Behavior within Dynamic Communities of Brain Networks,” authored by Ma, C., Forbes, A. G., Llano, D. A., Berger-Wolf, T., Kenyon, R. V. was recognized by the Society for Imaging Sciences and Technology as the recipient of the 2017 Charles E. Ives Journal Award.

The Charles E. Ives Award is given in recognition of an outstanding contribution in the area of basic or applied science or engineering published in a Society journal (JIST or JEI) during the preceding calendar year.

Email: chma87@hotmail.com

Date: March 13, 2017

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