ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award

Participants: Copper Giloth, Thomas A. DeFanti


New Orleans, LA

Tom DeFanti and Copper Giloth are each a recipient of this year’s ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award. DeFanti has been an inspirational executive committee member and conference contributor, helping create many of the organizational activities and conference venues that are now taken for granted. Giloth’s dedication to her vocation, computer art, and to SIGGRAPH, enabled her to launch the conference’s first Art Show that has grown into an internationally acclaimed annual event.

“While DeFanti and Giloth are being honored separately, we acknowledge that they are also contemporaries,” said Jim George, ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Awards Chair. “With enthusiasm and hard work, they supported and inspired one another over the years, and contributed to SIGGRAPH’s international stature. We appreciate this opportunity to publicly thank them for their outstanding service to SIGGRAPH.”

DeFanti and Giloth received their SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award at SIGGRAPH 2000, the 27th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.


Date: July 23, 2000 - July 28, 2000

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