AGAVE Presented at the American Geophysists Union

Participants: Chris Scharver, Jason Leigh


San Francisco, California

The Paul Morin (Univ. Minnesota), Peter van Keken (Univ. Michigan), Chris Scharver, and Jason Leigh (EVL), demonstrate the AGAVE at the American Geophysists Union, in San Francisco, California. The AGAVE is a low-cost PC-based system for passive stereo projection of 3D computer graphics. The AGAVE is an effective and compeling way to display geoscience data because the data is inherently three dimensional. Among the applications demonstrated was a particle trace visualization of mantle flow over a time scale of millions of years. The simulation data was generated on a PC cluster at the University of Michigan and translated for viewing on the AGAVE. The AGAVE uses the CAVE library and CAVERNsoft to render the graphics.

The AGAVE is being deployed amongst members of the GeoWall Consortium - a collection of researchers in the Geosciences, interested in employing low cost, immersive visualization hardware in their everyday research and teaching activities.


Date: December 10, 2001 - December 14, 2001

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