Jason Leigh Demonstrates GeoWall at the Urban Cyberspace Conference & Exposition

Participants: Jason Leigh, Paul Morin

Institutions: University of Minnesota

URL: http://www.ctcbank.org

Alfred Lerner Hall
Roone Arledge Auditorium & Cinema
Columbia University, New York City, NY

As part of the “hands on” exhibition of advanced technologies at New York’s First Annual Cyberspace Conference & Exposition, Dr. Leigh demonstrated several educational applications on a GeoWall system. Joined by colleague and collaborator, Paul Morin from the University of Minnesota, children and their families had the opportunity to experience 3D stereo visualizations of geological data, previously accessible only via textbook representations.

For EVL, the goal of the Urban Cyberspace event was to showcase the emerging technology of Geowall, thus demonstrating how these systems may be implemented to transform educational instruction.

Email: spiff@evl.uic.edu

Date: May 9, 2003 - May 10, 2003
Geowall Demonstration at the Urban Cyberspace Conference - J. Leigh, EVL

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