Sabrina Raaf :: One of 20 to Watch in 2007


Chicago, IL

Sabrina Raaf has been featured in the Jan 11 - 17, 2007 edition of Time Out Chicago / Issue 98 as one of 20 People to Watch in 2007. Others on the list include James Cappleman, Molly Shanahan, Joseph Rosa, and Barack Obama.

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Sabrina Raaf’s experimental art is often interactive and always metaphoric. Take “Grower,” her small robotic vehicle from 2004 that moves around a room’s periphery, responding to carbon-dioxide levels (via a digital sensor) by drawing lines of “grass” on the walls in green ink. Raaf isn’t just combining art and technology, she is working with data, monitoring the environment and creating art that gets us to think about our place in the world. Fortunately, her international recognition has not been lost on her hometown. Raaf is creating WindWindowOne, an installation for the entry of the new McCormick Place West, to be completed in November. The work will hang from the ceiling of the 60-foot-tall space - imagine 20 or so 42-inch TV screens, set in a curvy frame and displaying a massive, realistic curtain that flutters according to the room’s voice levels. Asked to respond to the “Chicago” theme, Raaf turned to that old moniker “Windy City” for inspiration. But she wasn’t just thinking about the weather - Raaf enlarged the concept to include the idea of politicians’ voices.
- Ruth Lopez


Date: January 11, 2007 - January 17, 2007
Sabrina Raaf - TimeOut Chicago

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