2008 Chinese-American Network Symposium

Participants: Maxine Brown

URL: http://www.indiana.edu/~uits/cans2008/index.html

University Place Conference Center & Hotel
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Indiana University hosts the 2008 Chinese-American Network Symposium (CANS) “One World | One Network,” October 20-22, 2008. The symposium brings together leading networking experts from the United States and China to exchange information, technical knowledge, and best practices for managing advanced international networks. This year’s focus is on the importance of global collaboration and cooperation towards better understanding of network interoperability and the complexities of seamless networking.

EVL associate director Maxine Brown serves on the Program Committee, shaping Symposium content, sessions and events.

Email: maxine@uic.edu

Date: October 20, 2008 - October 22, 2008
Chinese-American Network

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