Building Music nominated for FILE Prix Lux Award 2010

Participants: Julio Obelleiro, Play the Magic: Julio Obelleiro, Alberto García, Jorge Cano & Pedro Enriquez


FILE Prix Lux

Building Music is a large-scale interactive audiovisual installation that explores the musicality of different architectural features. By moving the light of a flashlight along the facade of a building, the viewers create musical compositions while lighting architectural elements.

Play the Magic, including EVL MFA graduate Julio Obelleiro is an art group focused on creating shifts and illusions in the perception of the viewers by means of interactive installations where the viewer creates the experience through interaction.

Nominated for the 2010 FILE Prix Lux award votes for Building Music can be cast through June 25, 2010 at


Date: June 14, 2010 - June 25, 2010
Building Music - Play the Magic

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