VISTech ’13 Workshop: Visualization Infrastructure and Systems Technology

November 22nd, 2013

Categories: Applications, Visualization

Examples of users in tiled display environments.
Examples of users in tiled display environments.


EVL PhD candidate, Khairi Reda presents his research in visualizing design patterns using ultra-resolution display systems at the VISTech Workshop at SC13 in Denver, CO. Reda explores a new generation of visual analytic tools that are more capable of tackling big-data challenges, looking at commonly used visualization design patterns. Guidelines on how to adapt these patterns to ultra-resolution display environments are given.

Session organizers include EVL’s director Jason Leigh, and Kelly Gaither, Brandt Westing (Texas Advanced Computing Center), Falko Kuester (University of California, San Diego), Eric Wernert (Indiana University), and Aditi Majumder (University of California, Irvine).

Human perception is centered on the ability to process information contained in visible light, and our visual interface is a tremendously powerful data processor. Every day we are inundated with staggering amounts of digital data. For many types of computational research, visualization is the only viable means of extracting information and developing understanding from this data. Integrating our visual capacity with technological capabilities has tremendous potential for transformational science. We seek to explore the intersection between human perception and large-scale visual analysis by studying visualization interfaces and interactive displays. This rich intersection includes: virtual reality systems, visualization through augmented reality, large scale visualization systems, novel visualization interfaces, high-resolution interfaces, mobile displays, and visualization display middleware. The VISTech workshop will provide a space where experts in the large-scale visualization technology field and users can come together to discuss state-of-the art technologies for visualization and visualization laboratories.