Innovative Discoveries From the University of Illinois

October 27th, 2015

Categories: Devices, VR

EVL students in original CAVE (1999)
EVL students in original CAVE (1999)


The Office of the Vice President for Research of the University of Illinois has published the report “Innovative Discoveries From the University of Illinois.”

The CAVE™ and CAVE2™ systems are two of the featured innovative discoveries. The CAVE (CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment) virtual-reality environment, introduced in 1992, and the CAVE2 hybrid-reality system, introduced in 2012, were developed by the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL).

Another innovation listed is the special effects for the 1977 movie “Star Wars,” made possible with EVL technologies.

Many life-changing innovations are documented in the publication, including sound-on-film movie technology, the Plato computer-based education system, the plasma display panel, NCSA Mosaic, infrared night vision technology, and wearable electronics.

The publication can be downloaded from the web. The CAVE and CAVE2 are featured in a related blog.