EVL PhD Candidate Juan Trelles Trabucco Receives CS 2020 Outstanding TA Award

June 19th, 2020

Categories: Applications, Visualization, Visual Analytics, Visual Informatics, Video Games, Data Science


EVL PhD candidate Juan Trelles Trabucco has been recognized among the UIC Computer Science Department’s 2020 Outstanding Graduate TAs. This award typically recognizes graduate TAs for their work over an entire year, but given Juan’s stellar performance during the spring semester, and especially during the pandemic, Juan is being duly recognized for his contributions to courses CS426 and CS529.

“Juan’s TA performance in CS426 was beyond spectacular. The course had 60 students enrolled and made use of a variety of technologies. Yet with Juan’s help, we had a flawless transition to online teaching, when the pandemic lockout was instituted.”

CS associate professor Elisabeta Marai was the instructor for both courses. CS426: Video Game Design and Implementation covers tools and techniques for the design and implementation of 3D interactive video games. CS529: Visual Data Science is an introduction to key design principles and techniques for interactively visualizing and analyzing data in data science.

In addition, to the usual TA assignments of tutoring students, grading papers, etc. assisting in the transition of these courses to an online virtual platform posed additional challenges, and makes Juan truly deserving of this recognition.

Please join us in congratulating Juan!