EVL Graduate Student Awarded with 2023 UIC Image of Research Honorable Mention

April 28th, 2023

Categories: Applications, Software, Visualization, Data Science

The Rayleigh Bénard Convection
The Rayleigh Bénard Convection


EVL graduate student Hal Brynteson in collaboration with Dr. Parisa Mirbod and PhD student Abbas Moradi Bilondi (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) has been awarded an honorable mention for this year's Image of Research Competition. The Image of Research is an annual interdisciplinary exhibit competition organized by the Graduate College and University Library to showcase the breadth and diversity of research at UIC.

Brynteson’s visualization was created using Blender/ParaView, and represents The Rayleigh Bénard convection. As Bilondi explains, “The Rayleigh Bénard convection, where a fluid is heated from below and cooled from above, is an important mechanism of mass and heat transfer in nature and in numerous industrial applications. One can cite geophysics, astrophysics, meteorology, heat exchangers, multilayer walls in buildings, and cooling of electronic components for example. In the present work, by considering bubbles inside the fluid flow, we aim to investigate the effects of the presence of bubbles on the heat transfer rate.”

A celebration of the 2023 Image of Research awardees on Friday, April 28, at 3 p.m., in the Richard J. Daley Library, 801 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607.