EVL Affiliate Faculty Nikita Soni Featured in UIC Engineering RISE Spring 2023 Issue

April 24th, 2023

Categories: Applications, Devices, Software, Visualization, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Data Science

Nikita Soni with Spherical Display
Nikita Soni with Spherical Display


EVL-affiliated faculty and Computer Science Assistant Professor Nikita Soni’s research in human-computer interaction (HCI), along with three other researchers working in this area: Assistant Professor Debaleena Chattopadhyay, Professor Andruid Kerne, and Assistant Professor Joseph E. Michaelis is featured in the Spring 2023 issue of UIC Engineering RISE. Soni’s research focuses on user interface design honed for teaching and learning in support of greater creativity allowing users to interact using natural input methods such as touch and speech. Her work includes multi-touch spherical displays for Earth Science education in museums and classrooms. Her multi-touch spherical display uses familiar smartphone-like gestures for interaction with earth science and climate data displayed on a globe. In addition to working on user interfaces for novel display technologies, Soni also creates mobile interfaces for creative uses, such as photographic editing.

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