Flesh Factor

September 9th, 1997 - September 12th, 1997

Categories: Applications, Education, VR Art


“FleshFactor - Informationsmaschine Mensch”, the title of Ars Electronica 97, makes it clear that this year’s theme is the Mensch, the human being. In light of the latest findings, developments and achievements in the fields of genetic engineering, neuro-science and networked intelligence, the conceptual complex now under investigation will include the status of the individual in networked artificial systems, the human body as the ultimate original, and the strategies for orientation and interrelation of the diametric opposites, man and machine, in the reciprocal, necessary processes of adaptation and assimilation. To the extent that the tissues of our bodies and our minds are saturated by the elements of a networked artificially intelligent environment, this second ‘natural’ environment has become a reality to which we relate so intimately and intensively that a clear distinction between subject and object ceases to be possible.
- Gerfried Stocker, AEC Managing Director

Two EVL projects showed in the CAVE at the AEC Festival “FleshFactor” and during 1997-98:
Liquid Meditation Produced by Margaret Watson.
The Multi-Mega Book in the CAVE, a joint project between EVL and F.A.B.R.I.CATORS.