Battle of Midway Memorial Opens

June 3rd, 2001

Categories: Multimedia


(art)n and collaborators present: Battle of Midway Memorial commissioned by the Public Art Program, Department of Aviation, and City of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, Mayor, installed at The New Terminal Building of Chicago’s Midway Airport, near Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter, between Doors 3 and 4.

The Battle of Midway Memorial, produced by Ellen Sandor, (art)n and collaborators, recaptures Admiral Nimitz’s leadership, Joe Rochefort’s innovative military intelligence, and the bravery of the US Navy and Marines who won the pivotal Battle of Midway. The work features PHSColograms of the images within the Memorial. A PHSCologram is a process of digitally combining black-and-white and color images with computer generated models and outputting these composites as 3-D image hardcopies.

PHSCologram is a trademark of (art)n. U.S. Patent numbers 5,113,213, Re. 35,029, and 5,519,794.