Jason Leigh and Atul Nayak Present GeoWall Research at SDSU

October 22nd, 2002

Categories: Applications, Data Mining, Devices, Education, Networking, Software, Visualization


A combination of new projection technology, fast graphics cards and linux PCs have made it possible to provide a stereoscopic projection system that is much more affordable for Earth Science classrooms and research labs. The GEOWALL project makes use of these projection systems to visualize structure and dynamics of the Earth in stereo to aid the understanding of these spatial relationships.

Dr. Jason Leigh and Atul Nayak presented new development in Geowall technology in conjunction with the Fall 2002 Seminar Series conducted by Dr. Eric Frost at the Department of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University. The talk comprised a description of the current state of the Geowall and how it was used in research labs and classrooms to explore the structure and the dynamics of the Earth’s interior. Faculty, staff, and students at SDSU were also introduced to the next generation of the Geowall - the Geowall 2.0. This will be the advanced display system for the various endpoints in the bandwidth-dominated computing environment created by the OptIPuter. As part of this effort Geowalls are currently being deployed at the Institute of Geology and Planetary Physics (UCSD) and the Departments of Geological Sciences and Computer Engineering at SDSU. Geo-scientists will use the GeoWall 2.0 to steer simulations and create visualizations to aid their research.